Requirements on board for transporting different types of animals


We have several proper parrot transport cages -these can be used on a first in first served basis and we do not charge cage hire . Finches must come in their own cage.

All birds being transported that are delivered to us in cages or boxes must only be in banana boxes — they must have a water vessel ( a plastic milk bottle is sufficient, firmly attached to the inside of the box with a plastic tie or cage, if in a box there needs to be air holes in the box and a hole above where the waterer is so we can water the birds from the outside.

All cages and boxes must be of a quality that can be fastened down properly for transporting 

If the transfer of a bird is required either into or out of one of our cages, then the person dropping off or picking up is responsible for the transfer inside our van, with doors closed 

Birds-if your birds are too large or being transported for several days interisland then we will transport them in one of our travel crates, however, you will need to bring a banana box please to collect as currently we’ve had several boxes fall apart on us.

Cats and kittens

We prefer these to come in their own proper cat cages with litter box and food, no collapsible cages are allowed eg canvas -must be hard plastic as they must be secured. 

If you do not have a cat cage yourself you can use one of ours, however the person we are picking up from is responsible for transferring the cat or kitten inside with our van doors closed into one of our cages, and the person we deliver it to is responsible for getting it out of our cage and transferring it into their own cage inside our van with doors closed or inside their vehicle 

Collecting Cats

Bring a proper crate- PT’s will not be held responsible if any animal gets free or lost due to the receiver not having an appropriate travel crate to transfer to.

Other Animals

Poultry, miniature sheep, baby goats, lambs or piglets all bedding and food must be supplied by the person we pick up from and hay or straw only is allowed, strictly no sawdust or shavings  

Baby goats and lambs that are to be handled still need to come with bottles, teats, milk powder etc along with feeding instructions.

Animals are checked on at least 1-2 times throughout the trip by Pete and we have permission to do so by the Interislander team. 

Under no circumstances will we allow animals to go to the new owners in one of our own cages if they forget to bring one. It is the new owner's responsibility to come properly prepared to collect their animals eg. if dogs or puppies -bring a lead, collar, crate, bedding etc.